Sheep Dog Dad

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In light of the recent mass murder in Texas and the others before, I often wonder how I would react in situations like these. What would I do to keep my family safe?  What would I do to try to stop it…or would I?

Despite the horror and tragedy, something very inspiring occurred outside that small Baptist church in Texas.  A neighbor who was relatively safe in his own home came running barefoot with his weapon towards the sound of gun fire. He exchanged gunfire with the coward and heroically chased him off, Texas style. That man, joined by another hero, pursued the shooter until he ended himself.


I heard it said once that people generally fall into one of three categories: Sheep, Wolves, and Sheep Dogs. A lot of nice men fall into the Sheep category. These are good people to be sure. They work hard at their jobs, are nice to those around them, and generally live a good life. They are safety minded and typically will not do something that intervenes with that mindset.

Wolves, on the other hand, take advantage of the sheep. They look for ways to hurt them, to make them afraid. Wolves seek an opportunity to kill, steal, and destroy. Sound familiar?

Then there are the Sheep Dogs. The same way an actual sheep dog defends the flock from predators, so do these men defend others from criminals and all other forms of evil. Sheep Dogs certainly include the military, police, and firemen. But they also include average Joes out there (like you and me) ready to defend good in the face evil. Case in point, the neighbors that put an end to the worst day in Texas.  This breed of man has become rare, but is perhaps needed now more than ever.


To be clear, this is post is not a personality test designed to see what kind of animal you are. There’s no quiz on Facebook that you can share with your friends and compare. No, this is a calling. A mission. As a Christian man, and especially as a Christian dad, you are to be a Sheep Dog.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. -Eph 6:10-11

I’m sure some of you have seen the old show MASH. You may be familiar with how the series ends, but if not, here’s the jest based on my recollection: In a small hutch surrounded by the enemy, the main characters are hiding with a couple of locals. This includes a small baby who is getting fussy and keeps crying. The sound is more than enough to alert the enemy of their whereabouts. Everyone knows that if they are found, they will be killed. In an effort to keep her child quiet, the mother eventually suffocates the poor baby.

Now, you’re all caught up.

I was listening to a podcast (that I won’t name) where they asked people this question based on that series finale: Would you kill your baby if it meant saving yours and everyone else’s neck? I was appalled at some of the answers. One person said absolutely, without hesitation. As a dad, I was disgusted! There is no earthly circumstance you could give where the result is me ending the life of my child. The clear answer to me was to fight tooth and nail to the bitter end. Easier said than done and you along with everyone else would probably die as the scenario suggests. But there are things much worse than death. Killing your own baby to save your skin is one of them, in my opinion.  A culture that accepts ending the life of a baby to save your own life is a dangerous thing.

That is an extreme example, but here’s the point I’m trying to make: As a Sheep Dog Dad, you don’t make decisions based on your own safety or comfort. You make them based on the safety and well-being of the Sheep (wife and children) that the Lord has entrusted you with. Sometimes that means fighting, sometimes that means sacrifice, and normally it means both. Is it easy? No way. But as a Christian Sheep Dog Dad, you have the ability to tap into our perfect Dad for His wisdom, guidance, and strength in the ordinary and difficult moments of your life.

Stay alert for wolves and be the Sheep Dog Dad you were created to be.




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